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Question: Who serves those who protect and serve our City?

A quick glance at the local or national news reveals that we are living in challenging times.
For example, in the Des Moines Public School District, the number of teachers leaving the district has doubled during the last 4 years, some even leaving in the middle of the school year. Violence in the classroom, active shooter threats, lack of resources, an absence of student family support all contribute to this challenge. Although the problem is nationwide, our city’s retention challenge is worse than the national average.

It doesn’t stop there! Teachers, law enforcement officers, firemen, EMT’s and soldiers are now known as “Essential Workers” and are on our communities front line. The pandemic placed a bright light on the stress and pressure placed on the people who serve our community every day, no matter the personal risk.

What can we do to help?

City Serve was founded to be a friend to our teachers, administrators, law enforcement, first responders and soldiers. Our desire to help in the middle of crisis led us to action. The first stage of City Serve is designed to help build morale showing those who serve our metro – that someone cares!

City Serve forms, trains, and equips teams of volunteers to consistently serve those who serve across greater Des Moines.  From Indianola to Ankeny, new teams are forming and growing.  Each month our teams consistently deliver acts of kindness, serve a meal, deliver care packages, help with events, or fill a specific need. We encourage you to scroll through the stories and pictures on the following pages. It is a true pleasure to serve our community by serving those who serve.

Answer: City Serve serves those who serve and you can too!



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