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Frequently asked questions

How do I get on a team?

Fill out the contact  sheet and an administrator will contact you to help locate a team opening and best fit.

In what ways do you serve?

Our teams enjoy serving in many different ways. We have done everything from being on-site providing food and support for the firefighters during an all-day controlled burn, to providing an all-school breakfast for the teachers in the Saydel school district, to supplying our Polk County Sheriff deputies with backpacks to carry in their vehicles stocked with latex gloves, hand sanitizer, and treats.

Each month, our teams come up with fun things to show how much we care. Each team works together to plan appreciation gifts. We have built strong relationships by showing that we are consistently caring for them.

Is your organization a 501c3?


What is your organization’s mission?

To serve those who serve.  Everyday our emergency responders, police, fire, teachers are on the front line serving our community.  Our mission is to walk alongside, encourage, and serve these brave men and women with monthly acts of kindness and helpful acts.

Where does the money go when I donate to your organization?

All financial support goes to the purchase of supplies, food, or to purchase equipment or needs for our first responders and schools.  

Who runs the organization?

The organization is run by a principal officer who is appointed by the board.  The current principal officer is Dan Shows, Associate Pastor of Capitol City Church.

How can I partner with the organization?

You can partner with the organization by filling out the contact card.  

How can I get involved in the organization’s mission?

You can get involved with the organization’s mission by filling out the contact form.  An administrator will contact you.

How can I make a donation to your organization?

You can use the donate button or connect with us directly by filling out the contact form.

What is your tax ID number?


Where can I find your financial documents?

Financial documents available upon request.

Is there a training requirement?

Team Leaders or Captains are chosen and go through a training program.  Training is not a requirement to volunteer on a team.   

How much time will it require?

Team’s consistently serve once a month. They can get together for preparation or even social activities during other times of the month.  The requirement to serve however is once a month.

Can I get school credit for volunteer hours?

City Serve is an approved organization for high school service requirements.  Check with your individual school for details or fill out a contact care for more information.

Is there an age requirement for City Serve?
If you are under eighteen, you must have parental supervision or note from your parents.



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