It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and our City Serve School Teams were busy honoring the staff at Saydel High School, Woodside Middle School, Cornell Elementary School, and Des Moines Public Schools Brubaker and Carver Elementary. The week started off partnering with the Saydel School District in helping serve at the all-district breakfast.  Thank you to Hy-Vee Prairie Trail for partnering with us and providing cinnamons rolls and muffins at a discount.  ‘Nacho Average Teacher’ was Wednesday where the Team served a nacho bar during lunch to the Saydel High School staff.  Thursday the Teams dropped off gardening gloves and flower seed packets to the Carver staff letting them know they are ‘A Bloom Above the Rest!’ and individual pies to Brubaker Elementary.  Thank you to Home Slice for partnering with us and providing the pies at a discount.  We love and pray for our teachers and school administrators not only during Teacher Appreciation week but every week!


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